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The following illustrates how to organize the class. Create student groups before adding students.

Organizing the class and adding students

Organizing the class and adding students


Step 1 : Manage student groups based on the class plan.

Student can be divided into 2 possible groups. Add students to Group 1 according to their corresponding grade as a primary group. Add students to Group 2 as its sub-group(s). Under group 2, multiple of sub-groups can be made accordingly.


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Step 2 : Group management by adding students tag

Tags can be the names of the classes, the subjects or the extracurricular activities which the students participate in. Tags are useful as they help staff searching for students in Loudclass Cloud or Loudclass Interactive. For example,  “Basic math”, “Basic English”, “Pop song”, “History”, etc..


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Step 3 : Student management by adding students

Once student group settings are done, add students based on the groups. Students can be added individually or as a whole group.


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