Video : Creating and starting a class

The following steps illustrate how to create and conduct a class on Loudclass Interactive.

Step 1 : Creating a class

Select “Create Class” under “Class Management” and add class information to create a class.

Step 2 : Assigning students and textbooks

Assign students and textbooks to the class. In order to do this, they must  be added through Loudclass Cloud in advance.

Step 3 : Downloading the latest textbooks before the class

Download latest version of the textbook before the class. The textbooks can be downloaded under “Update”, “Bookshelf”, and “Library”.

Step 4 : Starting the class

Select a class in “My Class” and check the network name. The teacher and students must be on the same network in order to be in the same class. Select the textbook and start the class after the students join.

Step 5 : Conducting the class

Various features are provided for the teacher and the students in order for an effective class.

  • The teacher can check the answer on his(her) tablet when student submits a response to the question.
  • Badges can be sent to praise students for having a positive attitude or recognizable achievement.
  • The mission bell can be used to check the status of question completion or for conducting a simple vote with students.