Video : Adding staff

Adding all staff and teachers for the organization.

1. Select “Staffs” > “Add staff” menu.
2. Enter required (name and role) and optional information.

Tip : Titles for required fields are in green and an additional tip appears when clicking on “C03-1 Image1

3. Check the entered information and save by pressing “Save” button.
4. Saved staff appears in “Staffs” list and selecting each role also shows assigned staff.


What is “Official ID”?

Official ID is an ID to manage a staff member in the system. For example, It can be a Staff ID number used in the organization or National Security Number.


What is “ID”?

ID is the user name created during the Loudclass sign-up process and shown on Cloud when the registration is complete.


Account status

There are 3 staff account statuses with each allowing access to different Loudclass features.

  • C03-1 Image3 Pre-active : When the staff is added in Cloud by administrations but has not  registered through Cloud. The staff cannot use any features of Loudclass. The status is changed to “Active” when the staff registers.
  • C03-1 Image2 Active : When the sign-up is complete. The staff can use features according to the assigned role(s). Staff assigned to the teacher role should register for Cloud and Interactive.
  • C03-1 Image4 Suspended : When access to Loudclass is temporarily disallowed. For example, a staff who is temporarily out of work can be set to “Suspended”. “Active” staff can be set to “Suspended” in the Edit menu. Suspended staff will retain personal information stored in Cloud but cannot use any features. Only downloaded textbooks and libraries are accessible through Interactive. Access to Cloud is restored when the status is changed back to “Active”.
  • Deleted : All information regarding the staff is deleted from Cloud. Only downloaded textbooks and libraries are not deleted.


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