Downloading textbook

Teacher and students should download the textbook(s) assigned to the class.

Important : The class cannot be attended if the assigned textbook is not downloaded.


Downloading from Launcher

Launcher screen

1. Select “Update” on the upper side and check the pop-up window. The list of updates is displayed if update items exist.
2. Check off wanted items and select “Download”.


Download from Bookshelf

1. Select Bookshelf from the Launcher.
2. Select a textbook labeled as “new” or “update” to start downloading.

  • The cover of a new textbook is displayed as disabled and has a I04-1 Image04 mark on it.
  • The textbook which needs an update has a I04-1 Image03 mark.


Downloading from Library



1. Select “Library” from the Launcher.
2. Select “Download” or “Update” on new textbooks or textbooks needing updates to start downloading.